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Stephanie Stevenson presents an invigorating Summer Camp experience, featuring an exciting lineup of activities including Latin Dance, Park Play, Acting, Yoga, Art, Fitness, Water Play, Field trips, and Team building. Running from June 3rd to June 28th, 2024, from 9am to 3pm daily, children can indulge in a dynamic blend of creativity, movement, and aquatic fun. With flexible attendance options, including daily passes at $75, weekly passes at $275, and a monthly pass priced at $1000, this camp promises an unforgettable summer filled with growth, laughter, and lasting memories.

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Palm Tree_edited_edited.png

All Sales are final and non-refundable.

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9-9:30: arts & crafts 

9:30-10: stretch& technique 

10-11: park  (water play) 

11-11:15: snack  

11:15-12: reggaetón

12-1: lunch  

1-1:30: salsa 

1:30-2:30: acting  

2:30-3: 30 free play 



9-10: mambo (on 2)  

10-11: park play  

11-11:30: snack 

11:30-12:00: bachata

12:00_12:30: merengue  

12:30-1:30: lunch

1:30-2pm: arts & crafts   

2-2:30: hip-Hop

2:30-3: 30 minute free play 



9-10: stretch & strength

10-10:30: snack

10:30-11: samba/ cha-cha

11-11:30: game time

11:30-12:30: lunch 

12:30-1: afro cuban   

1:30-2:30: acting

2:30-3: 30 min free play



9-9:30: coloring

9:30-10:30: dance battle

10:30-11: snack

11-12:00: yoga 

12-1: lunch 

1-2: slime time!

2-2:40: choreography 

2:40-3: free play 



9-10: choreography 

10-1: field trip**

1-2:30: head back

2:30 - 3: free play

**Please note that lunch and snack are not included in the camp fees. As well as a $25 camp shirt fee.  Additionally, participation in field trips will incur a separate charge. Kids are required to bring a hat, sunblock, closed-toed shoes, as well as leave an extra change of clothing at the studio, along with a bathing suit. For safety, please ensure children bring any necessary medications they are on, and kindly provide us with an EpiPen if your child has allergies. Additionally, please remember to bring cold waters as well, although they will also be available for sale on-site for $2.**

**Field Trip Fees

6/7 Kidztopia in Burbank $25

6/14 Long Beach Aquarium $30

6/21 LA Zoo $17

6/28 Pacific Palisades Beach $15

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