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Women's Salsa Teams




Step into the heart of rhythm and join our dynamic all-women's Salsa dance team, where passion meets fluidity on the dance floor! We're not just a team; we're a vibrant community of women united by the love of Latin music and the thrill of movement. Whether you're a seasoned pro or taking your first steps, our experienced instructors are here to elevate your skills and infuse your dance with the fire that defines Salsa. Picture the joy of performing in front of a fascinated audience, the exhilaration of their cheers, and the sisterhood of a tight-knit dance collective. Join us, and let the music guide you on a journey of expression, connection, and the pure joy of Salsa dance. This isn't just a team; it's an invitation to step into the vibrant core of something extraordinary, where the power of women takes center stage.


Our all-women's dance team is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, where every woman, regardless of background, walks of life, or dance experience, is not just welcome but cherished. Honoring the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our members, we cultivate an environment that thrives on the unique stories each woman brings to the dance floor. Here, all experience levels are embraced, creating a supportive space for both seasoned dancers and those stepping into the world of dance for the first time.



You will not only learn to dance but feel empowered from the moment you step into the studio. As a tight-knit sisterhood, we cultivate an atmosphere where women not only feel supported but also encouraged to embrace their unique styles and express themselves without reservation. The energy in the studio is electric, fueling a collective empowerment that spills into every aspect of life. Join us, and experience the exhilaration of dancing with a team that advocates the empowerment and confidence of every woman in every step.

Team Info



Step into the world of dance with our beginner team—no prior experience required! We embrace all levels of expertise, providing a supportive space for you to find your rhythm, learn new steps, and shine among a community of dance enthusiasts.



Join the intermediate salsa dance team, where experienced dancers unite to elevate their collective expertise, pushing the boundaries of dance precision and artistic expression to new heights.




Elevate your salsa dance skills on the advanced team, where precision meets passion. Under the guidance of The Princess of Salsa, Stephanie Stevenson, where you will  ignite the dance floor with a unique and electrifying style.

*$125 Costume Deposit + Signed Contract Required

Commitment through 12/01/23

Early cancellation fee applies

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