Frequently asked questions

How do I register for a class?

To register for a class go to the schedule and click "register," you will then be taken to the Mindbody App where you will make an account. From that account you will be able to do all the things related to our classes.

How do I view the class?

All classes are viewed on ZOOM. Once you register you will recive a link. If you are new make sure that you "Opt in" to email notifications. If you dont have this box checked you will not be able to recieve the email with the zoom link. You can find the box under "Account Settings" Which is the little person sign. You can view ZOOM on your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. Make sure the boxes are checked.

I registered but recieved a class from a past date.

Please register for the class you want the day of the calss; preferably in the morning. The reason is that we have to update the link after the last calss passsed. If you still have this issue please email sanpedro31@gmail.com for the correct link.

What do I need for the Salsa Fit Class?

Stephanie recommends 3lb dumbells and sometimes she uses a broom!

Do I need heels to take the dance classes?

No. Stephanie herself rarely uses heels unles its mandatory for a show. She uses tennis shoes and also likes to dance barefoot.